Well, hello there! Welcome. Come in, come in, and make yourself comfy.

First of all, I really should introduce myself. I’m Lesley. Lesley Richardson, if we’re being formal, but let’s not bother with that. I’m a freelance copywriter based in Northern Ireland – but in truth I could be based on the moon, as long as there was mobile reception and wifi connection. What I mean is that in this game, geography isn’t really important – which suits me well, as I failed my Geography O’ Level.

So, why Word Whizz?

If you look up the Oxford English Dictionary, you’ll see that a whizz is a person who is extremely clever at something’. Of course they cite the example of a computer whizz’ which most definitely does not apply to me. And, honestly, I’m not extremely clever either. Often I’m not even clever. But someone did once say to me ‘blimey (well, that wasn’t the actual word they used, but in this instance I feel it’s way more appropriate) you’re a real whizz with words, aren’t you!’ I have to admit, I was hugely chuffed and more than a little bit flattered. After all, words are my thing: reading them, writing them, saying them, thinking about them. I’d probably eat them if I could. (Come to think about it, I have had to do that on more than a couple of occasions, but that’s a different matter altogether.)

I have written words my entire working life, starting out as an editorial assistant for Northern Woman magazine back in the 1980’s. I then moved into PR, gaining both in-house and agency experience, before setting up my own PR and Copywriting consultancy, Communicate, in 1994. In 2005 I disbanded Communicate to focus solely on freelance copywriting, and I’ve been writing copy as a freelancer ever since.

After years of providing words for clients, I decided it was high time to write some words about myself – really so that potential new clients can see if I’m the right fit for the style of words they need. After all, you wouldn’t buy a pair of black size 6 stilettos if what you really needed were some tan brogues in a 10, would you?